BT Notifier - Notice for SmartWatch'' App Reviews

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I could not use it and want my money back

Keeps crashing

Within seconds of opening it on my iphone the app just shuts off I cant do anything with it Wasted money on a useless app again

Doesn’t work and I want my money back

Just bought this app doesn’t work at all money back please I’m very disappointed


This doesn't work. Don't waste your money. I want a refund.

Can’t get it to do what I need

It shows me the things around but I can’t work it. I would like a refund

Works well and strong connection

I have used this with my smartwatch and iPhone and it connects well. It is easy to set up and use. Connection stays when I am on my iPhone. It doesn't eat up the battery. It runs smoothly for me. The app gives a lot of information.

The worst!

Does not work. Not only that the developer website is trash. Not even sure my refund request went through since there's no way of telling if it submitted. I promise I'm the wrong one to mess with BT Notifier, Much worse than a "let me talk to your manager" soccer mom. My money better be returned.

I want a refund

Does not work😡


Don't waste your money

Bought yesterday. Want my money back.

Bought yesterday and it doesn't work. How do I get my money back!?!?

App did not work with my DZ09 & my IPhone

How do I cancel it? I bought it yesterday...


Doesn't work

  • send link to app